Thursday, February 27, 2020

Advantages of Studying Abroad and Being Bilingual Person Essay

Advantages of Studying Abroad and Being Bilingual Person - Essay Example I have noted that learning abroad and being multilingual helps a person in acquiring new contacts. In these days, people are advancing by creating a network of friends and acquaintances. As such, it will be easier to be connected to friends and acquaintances especially when looking for greener pastures (Cressey 127). Similarly, this is an avenue of making lifetime connections with people across the globe. This will be vital in getting updates from all over the world. As such, I will have new experiences in different parts of the world. Studying abroad is an avenue of advancing in academics and education. I have noted that people who have attended school in the world’s renowned institutions have a high quality of education. This is owing to the resources and high quality of tutors in the schools. Apparently, studying abroad is an advantage as most of the learners have all the required pieces of equipment and resources at their exposure. This makes learning easier and effective. Similarly, people that are educated abroad have a higher chance of getting well-paying jobs in the world. Since such people are bilingual, it makes working in different parts of the world easier (Cressey 111). In addition to this, learning abroad is a way of enhancing career development. The diversity of an individual in language and learning is an advantage.  

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