Saturday, December 21, 2019

Why Do People Come America For Corn Dogs - 1332 Words

Why do people come to America? For Corn Dogs? The Statue of Liberty? To be deported? If you were to ask someone who immigrated to America why they came, they would not respond with any of those answers. People come to America for a chance at the â€Å"American Dream†, but what exactly is the â€Å"American Dream†? The American Dream is the belief that everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. Through this, there would be little to no class system permanently fixing someone to a definite status, meaning it would allow the status of the person to move up or down freely. So if a poor person were to work hard enough, they could move up and be rich essentially letting them live better lives. This idea†¦show more content†¦The poor (the unfit) were nothing in comparison to the rich (the fit) and were only made to be used and worked by the rich (the factory owners, foremen, foreladies and brothel owners). He also shows t he separation of the classes and rigidity within the class system, something that was supposedly so fluid or almost non existing in America. Sinclair uses a series of rhetoric to expose the crookedness within America and it’s industries. In the quote â€Å"He had heard people say that it was a free country - but what did that mean? He found that here, precisely as in Russia, there were rich men who owned everything; and if one who could not find any work, was not the hunger he began to feel the same sort of hunger?† Sinclair uses a series of questions to make the audience see that there is Capitalism in the â€Å"free country† (America) just as much as there was in the countries where the immigrants came from (Russia). He is showing the fallacy within the mindset toward America, trying to show that it is just as bad here or even worse than where most of the immigrants originated from. Just like in their native countries the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor (Capitalism), there was no difference between the countries, something immigrants found out the hard way. In the quote â€Å"The forelady had to come up to a certain standard herself, and could not stop for sick people - The fact that Mary had been there so long

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